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All Time Low start a prostitution group: All Time Hoe

All Time Low starts a landscaping company
All Time Mow

All Time Low starts a bakery: All Time Dough

All Time Low become registered Plumbers: All Time Flow

All Time Low are surprised: All Time Wow

All Time Low becomes a rap group: All Time Yo

All Time Low becomes Simon Cowell: It’s an All Time No from me

no--direction asked:

Once you get this you have to post 5 things you like about yourself publicly and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!! Or a bit more!! :) Love yah dude!! c:

My personality
my music taste
the way I think
the way i dress
and last but not least, uhm, my sense of humour.


Anonymous asked:

i dont like having no internet, makes me sad. why so extremely good? :D

Having no internet sucks a ton ): uhm okay so I had this crush. Talked to her for a bit.. But then she let me know of the guy she’s been seeing. So I kinda immediately stopped even trying so I could avoid a harsh let down. However a much nicer and cuter girl came along. Had more in common and stuff. Just clicked with her.

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